THese are descriptions of past workshops,
new ideas and collaborations are always welcome.


What are our measures of being well and whole? Where do they come from? Is it possible to understand mental health outside of a power analysis?  Quick hint: nah.  In this workshop, we'll tell stories, talk strategies, and even go through a crash course on the violent history of the mental health systems in the U.S. Let's consider the ways and reasons we each maintain a shell of okay-ness. Can we dream a wellbeing beyond okay? 

u got dis dream?

tbt to the Ansel Adams motivational posters with mountains, a little climbing guy and “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT”. But actually, can we demand more from ourselves than “I want social justice”? Or take a break from the anti/destruction/ending type convo and imagine what the world we want looks like? Can we tell it to others so we can dream it together? This is a creative, ridiculous, roll around, dream it so far outerspace workshop on building personal political ideologies with art.

i want it that way: politicizing love, romance and desire

Swipe right for every moment in a hook up when you feel sadness, for every fantasy you felt shame around, for every phone call where your mom asks about your love life. This is a creative workshop for anyone who has been told by the white heteropatriarchy how to want and who to want. What does it mean to struggle for the liberation on the street and in the sheets? Can we love in a way that makes us all more free? This space is designed specifically for people of color.


Not your Resident Alien

This is a creative workshop for those of us who have come to be called Asian in the U.S. What does it mean to confront the role that we’ve been cast in--including perpetual foreignness, silence and complicity? We’ll tell our stories of assimilation and politicization (...or un-politicization) and build towards agency to shift our narrative.



Raise your hand if your ‘Trans 101’ didn’t start with “so there’s this thing that happened called colonization...”. This is a content packed workshop looking at history, language, and what happens when we pretend that ending transphobia has nothing to do with ending racism. All are welcome (and if you’ve never actually had a ‘Trans 101’, even better).



Down to call out the section kid in your Racism in the U.S. class, but can’t figure out how to challenge your high school friend? Realizing that you’re organizing with folks who don’t look like you, and unsure how to bring your people into the work? This is an organizing skills workshop that is based on the value of caucusing within race-based affinity groups, while holding the reality that struggling with our own can be some of the hardest work. Let’s play some games, learn a few techniques, and work on concrete plans to politicize the people in our own community towards action.