This is a part of an ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration with Janani Balasubramanian. Janani is working on a book of fairytales poems, I'm translating them into food, and we're cooking/performing through the book in five course meals.


like most stories this one had no blonde girl when it began.
it came later:
well after Peter Pan was released on printing press and Blu-Ray,
well after Wendy paved the yellow road.

in the beginning there was no Goldilocks,
only a hungry fox.
but rhyme will spin into sick fantasy in an old man's hands.

once upon a time
a fox searched for food in three bears' house,
found a little,
and then found herself sleeping in a bed
made of dead geese instead of mushrooms.

curiosity did not kill the fox: it only made her sleepy.
but the bears killed the fox--scraped her feet and ate her spleen.
and the dead vixen skin kept their yogurt warm all winter.

A cold salad of endiki mushrooms, 
pickled red onion and black fungus.
Toss with sesame seeds.

Serve with two toothpicks and a steaming mug of over-brewed peppermint mate tea.